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Measures Taken By SITM

Despite the law prohibiting ragging, instance of ragging and harassment of first year students in Engineering Colleges continue to be reported. Ragging is taking place not only in the hostels but also outside the hostels and college premises as many students live outside the college campus by taking private rented accommodation. All the college managements to take effective steps to stop this menace. Report being received show that ragging is not only physical but very often assumes caste and community overtone and this cause enormous mental stress and pressure on the students.

The Management of the SITM directed to take the following measures:

Posters should be displayed on the notice boards of colleges/hostels warning the students not to indulge in ragging.
First year students should be allowed and facilitated to make complaints against ragging and their anonymity should be protected.
On receipt of complaints the Directors and hostel warden must immediately enquire into the matter and take stern action against those who indulge in ragging.
The Directors, hostel wardens and also faculty staff must make periodical and surprise checks in the hostels and in other premises of the colleges particularly during evening and at nights.
If any students are found ragging or harassing the first year students, stern action by way of rustication of students should be done and those found indulging in ragging their order modafinil online france admissions should also be cancelled after giving them show cause notices. Action should be quick and demonstrative of the resolve to curb this menace.
The parents of senior students should be addressed to warn their ward not to indulge in ragging.
Students coming from weaker sections and other who are particularly sensitive should be assisted and counseled so that they do not resort to taking any extreme measures including attempting or committing suicide.
Vigilance groups comprising of students and teachers should be set up to periodically address students and take steps not to allow instances of ragging to occur.
Surprise checks should also be done at places outside the college campus particularly at places where students take up residences outside the hostels.
Instances are also reported of ragging occurring at bus stops, canteens and restaurants and also at localities where students reside. It should be curbed by sending teams of staff and students. The assistance of local police should be taken in their regard.
Out of fear of ragging first year students tends to miss classes, avoid going to libraries or college canteens etc. Staff members should be deputed to these places to stop ragging at these places.
Each college must draw up a code of conduct for the senior students as well as fresher’s regarding the appropriate behavior and conduct and also hold seminars and lectures in this regard.