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Research & Development

1. Mr. O.P. Tiwari: (H.O.D.) Mech. Engg.

(i) R & D aspect Design concept of 3 – wheeler Vikram (Scooter’s India Ltd. Lko)

(ii) Design Engineer & Design concept of 3 – wheeler GSA Auto Rickshaw in (R & D) Deptt.

2. Mr. Dhirendra Thakurai: (Faculty) Mech. Engg.

Asst. Project Engineer – Energy Efficient Design of a Milk Processing Plant.

3. Prof. (Dr.) D. N. Mishra :(Director MBA)

Lucknow community based distribution- The main objective of this project is to distribute certain items through the community in Gosainganj block at a particular and other blocks of the Lucknow, District.

4. Pharmacy Department

DST FIST Program 2013